• Monomers

    Primepk is a leading global supplier of a family of monomers such as vinyl acetate, acrylic and methacrylic esters and acids. These reactive monomers are basic components used to manufacture a wide range of emulsion and dispersion polymers, resins and intermediates for a multitude of applications. Learn More

  • Diols & Polyols

    Primepk Diols and Polyols are versatile hydroxyl functional intermediates used extensively in a broad range of applications and industries.  The variety of chemical structures within this group imparts superior performance advantages to the systems in which they are employed. Learn More

  • Intermediates

    Our intermediates are important chemical building blocks that are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products.  They are condensed with other building blocks to produce polymeric products.  Learn More

  • Plastics & Resins

    Primepk's Plastics and Resins products include thermoplastic and thermosetting resins, and redispersible powders.  The products are used in diverse applications. Learn More

  • Emulsions & Polymers

    Our ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and terpolymer emulsions serve as a versatile base for a diverse range of applications, including coatings, adhesives, sealants and caulk, packaging, film and metal laminating, cementitious mortars and paper applications. Our emulsions are available with a wide spectrum of performance characteristics. Learn More


  • Water Soluble Polymers

    Our diverse portfolio of Water Soluble Polymers are used in a broad range of markets including coating, adhesives and sealants; consumer products and cosmetics; oil field chemicals and fluids; and construction. Learn More

  • Urethane Intermediates

    Anchored by our leading global supply position in Polytetramethylene Ether Glycols (PTMEG), Primepk is building a portfolio of urethane chemicals and intermediates focused on the performance segments of the polyurethane and polyurea industries. Learn More

  • Organofunctional Silanes

    Primepk's broad line of organofunctional silanes are extremely versatile products that can react with a variety of organic and inorganic materials.  Their unique ability as coupling agents, crosslinking agents and surface modifiers has been proven in a large number of applications. Learn More

  • Rubber Chemicals

    Primepk markets a limited product line of antioxidants and cure accelerators for industrial use. In the rubber and tire industry, antioxidants prevent the degradation of rubber and cure accelerators are used in the vulcanization of rubber goods and tires. Learn More

  • Solvents

    Primepk general purpose solvents are diverse, and used in many solvency applications, including coatings and lacquers, adhesives, chemical reaction media, extractants, fiber spinning and strippers. Learn More